Electr-O-Fuze™ is a high-performance, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe system, used as an integral primary/secondary pipe manufactured solely by AEP in the USA. It is designed specifically for the transfer of Motor Vehicle Fuels, High Blend Fuels, Concentrated Fuels, Aviation and Marine Fuels in service stations, DEF stations, retail and commercial installations.

Electr-O-Fuze™ is the only pipe system in the world that is 100% environmentally friendly, as it not only provides complete containment above and below ground, but it is the only system that is also 100% recyclable.

All Electr-O-Fuze™ pipe goes through a unique process of fluorination. When installed to our specifications, both the inner and outer walls of the primary and secondary pipe have been treated with barrier layers which are not susceptible to delamination and carry a 30-year warranty. This process allows us to confidently supply a product that can safely transport hydrocarbon fuels and a wide range of chemicals.

This semi-rigid pipe system is flexible enough to allow for continuous sweeps during installation, reducing the need for extra elbows and joints. The stand-off legs on the inner wall of the secondary pipe also holds the primary pipe centered and in place.

The entire Electr-O-Fuze™ underground system has met all the specifications required by UL for the revised UL 971 of 2005. This covers 1½”, 2″, 3″ and 4″ double wall supply and fill lines and 1½”, 2″, 3″ and 4″ single wall and double wall vent and vapor recovery pipe. The Electr-O-Fuze™ system is however available in all sizes ranging from ½”- 60″.

AEP has its own HDPE polyethylene pipe extruder which allows us to ensure that our pipe is made according to our own high standards. It also allows us to customize the pipe to the clients requirements and specific application.

Coaxial Fittings TECHNOLOGY

Coaxial Fittings are used for sharp changes in direction. Pipe splicing is an important procedure as this allows the user of Electr-O-Fuze™ pipe the opportunity of a short change in direction with either 2 coils, a coil and a stick, or two sticks of pipe, while maintaining integrity of both the primary and secondary pipes.  A further advantage is that the Coaxial Elbows are direct bury part and therefore no need for a transition sump.

AEP has the capabilities to make all these fittings in house using our HDPE pipe that has been fluorinated and welding it using our Electr-O-Fuze technology. Because everything is made to order AEP is even able to customize these fittings adapt to the sites unique requirements.