The mining industry is constantly under pressure to improve systems performance and environmental responsibility. Electr-O-Fuze HDPE pipe system meets and exceeds the requirements for corrosive chemicals, liquid, high viscosity liquid and gaseous transport while lowering system installation costs by as much as 40% when compared to the equivalent traditional steel system.

HDPE has been used in a large scale for more than 30 years for the building of all types of piping systems. Polyethylene’s significant contribution to the improvement and flexibility of piping systems is long lasting as can be seen in the following points:

  • The homogeneity of the pipe and fittings guarantees that there is no corrosion of the system irrespective of how corrosive the ground is.
  • The flexibility of the pipe allows for ground movement after laying without any damage.
  • Fusion welding prevents buried mechanical jointing and reinforces the system.
  • Durable resistance to pressure and excess pressure tied to a long service life: 50 years at 16 bar at 20 degrees Celsius with a burst pressure coefficient of 3 times work pressure.
  • Unsurpassed hydraulic performance, insignificant crushing, very low friction loss, and a high abrasion resistance.

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