Electr-O-Fuze™ EF Entry Penetration

Electr-O-Fuze™ EF Entry Penetration is the only manufacturer to fluorinate its penetration in order to render it completely fuel resistant while allowing a total water/fuel seal due to the fusion of the penetration to the sump.  The Electr-O-Fuze™ penetration is designed in such a way that the secondary double wall of the Electr-O-Fuze™ pipe is also fused to the penetration making a total seal, thus providing unparalleled protection.



(”) Certification DescriptionProduct Code
1.0Coaxial EF Entry Boot17-PE-032-EF-K
1.5Coaxial EF Entry Boot17-PE-050-EF-K
2.0Coaxial EF Entry Boot17-PE-063-EF-K
2.5Coaxial EF Entry Boot17-PE-075-EF-K


(”) Certification DescriptionProduct Code
0.25Cross overFCOT-24-1
0.25Test TubeFTT-36-1

Electrofusion Secondary Termination Boots

(”) Certification DescriptionProduct Code
2.0-1.5Electrofusion Secondary Termination Boot18-PE-063050-EF
2.5-2.0Electrofusion Secondary Termination Boot18-PE-075063-EF
3.0-2.0Electrofusion Secondary Termination Boot18-PE-090063-EF
4.0-2.5UL 971Electrofusion Secondary Termination Boot18-PE-110075-EF

Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boots

(”) Certification DescriptionProduct Code
1.25-1.0Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-040032-EF
2.0-1.5Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-063-050-EF
2.5-2.0Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-075063-EF
4.0-2.5Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-110-075-EF
4.0-3.0Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-110090-EF
6.0-4.0Secondary Containment Electrofusion Test Boot13-PE-160110-EF