Electr-O-Fuze™ Tuff Skin XL Abrasion Resistant Pipe

The Next Generation in Slurry Transport

Electr-O-Fuze™ Tuff Skin XL’s proven triple layer anti-abrasion large bore Semi-Rigid HDPE pipe system, when used in conjunction with Electr-O-Fuze™ EF fittings and an Electr-O-Fuze™ EF welding machine or standard butt welding machine, provides an API 15LE compliant installation.

Tuff Skin XL’s inner layer increases the service life of our HDPE pipe, offering a significant cost-savings potential due to extended intervals between required maintenance shutdowns.

Electr-O-Fuze™ Tuff Skin XL pipe sticks are available in IPS sizes from 8″ to 18” and metric sizes from 180mm to 450mm. (Other sizes available on demand). Due to its rugged, noncorrosive construction and lightweight materials, it provides a cost competitive solution with reduced installation time and is ideal for underwater applications.

  1. Tuffskin abrasive resistant pipe tested by Patterson and Cooke and found to outperform rubber lined steel and Urethane lined pipes – comments in the report from P&C states that

    AEP’s Tuffskin “is one of the best performing materials….., with a volume loss that was so small it could not be measured accurately.”  – Patterson & Cooke

  2. Compared to steel pipe systems this pipe is lighter and thus easier and quicker to install
  3. Tuff Skin is both able to be welded using electrofusion or butt welding
  4. The white outer coating of the pipe is made of the same black matrix HDPE but pigmented white, reflecting the rays of the sun and thus keeping the pipe cooler than traditional black pipe significantly (up to 40°C under identical conditions) this has a knockdown effect on the pressure rating compared to black HDPE in that pressure is reduced significantly the higher the temperature of the pipe (pressure can be reduced by as much as 50 to 60% on the black pipe depending on pipe temperature) with the pipe being white, the complete pipe system will retain its design pressure ratings due to pipe being cooler.
  5. Due to pipe staying cooler, expansion and contraction of the pipe are less significant than traditional HDPE; leading to less snaking of the pipe due to heat expansion.
  6. While using traditional HDPE welding techniques, no alterations have to be made to welding equipment parameters in order weld Tuff Skin.
  7. The inner liner does not impact the mechanical properties of the pipe system, therefore ISO standards dictate the pressure rating of the pipe, e.g. SDR11 would be a PN16 rated pipe, SDR 9 would be a PN 20 rated pipe



IPS SizeDescriptionPart Number
8UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-0008.0-232-WHRD-40
10UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-00010.0-232-WHRD-40
12UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-00012.0-232-WHRD-40
14UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-00014.0-232-WHRD-40
16UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-00016.0-232-WHRD-40
18UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-00018.0-232-WHRD-40
Metric DR17
Metric SizeDescriptionPart Number
180UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000180-145-WHRD-40
200UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000200-145-WHRD-40
225UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000225-145-WHRD-40
250UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000250-145-WHRD-40
280UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000280-145-WHRD-40
315UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000315-145-WHRD-40
355UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000355-145-WHRD-40
400UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000400-145-WHRD-40
450UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000450-145-WHRD-40
Metric DR11
Metric SizeDescriptionPart Number
180UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000180-D11-WHRD-40
200UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000200-D11-WHRD-40
225UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000225-D11-WHRD-40
250UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000250-D11-WHRD-40
280UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000280-D11-WHRD-40
315UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000315-D11-WHRD-40
355UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000355-D11-WHRD-40
400UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000400-D11-WHRD-40
450UV Stable, Abrasion Resistant PipeAR3-000450-D11-WHRD-40