Electr-o-Seal Sumps

Electr-o-Seal Sumps use a combination of proven technologies for its success, these include: Split sump principles for easy access during installation, safe and reliable proven electrofusion technology using closed wire principles for sealing when the installation is complete.  Electr-o-Seal Sumps also come with a fluorination option of the sump bottoms for extra protection against hydrocarbon leaks such as gasoline and diesel. When used with an Electr-O-Fuze™ EF welding machine, it provides an installation with a 30 year life span.


  • Service stations
  • Marinas
  • Transition Sumps
  • Airports
  • Non-Contaminated and Contaminated sites


Sump Type: Rotomolded Poly-ethylene sump is split into 2 parts for easy access during installation.

Locator threaded inserts are installed on the sump base.

The sump top has mirrored penetration holes in order to locate the sump top to the bottom.

The bolts are also required to create even pressure over the sump recesses during the fusion process.

The fusion wire, coupled with ‘safe’ low voltage operation (42V),



Sump covers are made of Aluminum for strength and corrosion prevention. All Sumps come with a level adjustable feature, ensuring level optimization on site.

DescriptionProduct Code
Gilbarco Encore 500ESS3617
Gasboy / Wayne VistaESS2212


Large lockable access door for easy maintenance. Extended flat shoulder at back section of sump for perpendicular exit of piping.

DescriptionProduct Code
Aluminum TopESS3617TR2
Wide EntryESS2334TR1